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Legal Records - General (1895)

This folder contains letters from Alexander Elliott, Jr., to Edison concerning leases, mineral rights, mining surveys, the acquisition of the Sussex Iron Co., and litigation resulting from the collapse of the stock house at the Ogden works in 1892, Also included is an offer from James Parrish and friends to purchase $25,000 of the company’s stock. Many of the documents are water damaged. Approximately 20 percent of the documents have been filmed.



Paterson, N. J., Jaluary llth, 1895,

Mr. Thomas A, Edison,

Laboratory, Orangé, N. J.

Dear sSir:-

Coplay tract.

"Phe Coplay Company act a littie Strange. When I got there I found their agent had made a verbal resort of his visit to

Ogden, but they required from him a written one, and until they received it they would rather not GO any further in the ma ter, except to say that they woula prefer to wait until the mill was started before they close the transaction, They feel hurt that we are paying Lineau and Hare more than them, and altogether act

very unbusinesslike. Mr. Wilbur has been ill Tor 10 days. He

because of the stiff fight sf the L. V. R. R, stockholders ara

making against the re-election of him as Presidont, which eleotion

takes place next. Tuesday in Philadelphia and his whole time anz that of his assistants is taken up withithis matt ee. They seem to be very anxious about it,

I have repeatedly shown them that aga mining property we camot work it, I took their agent over: to the big crane, showed him what we had stripped, that the tracks amd onane were

rigged for extensive work there because of the bettor quality of -

ore, that the only reason we wanted nis was because of it being near the mill and that we alone should om it. ; , This morning I saw their agent again. He said he had been requested to make a writton reprt of all Property owned py - the Coplay Company, which would include this traet and that was the reason of the delay, but I coulda not get him to say when the report would likely be made,

He, as well ag Mr. Wilbur's see= By

¥ t t ay

wt epee erm Sore

(T. A. EB. No. 8)

retary, scemed to think that we f ollow the vein in working the property and as we go deeper we will find bettor ore. T again told him that we did not follow veins aa that we woulda work no property under that plan, that we never worked below water level and thet that vein was abandoned years ago because tho ore was not merchantable and could not be used even in thoir own furnaces. Of o urse, I am confronted with our $5,000, offer every time I dicker with thom. I oxpl ained that I head made a mistake about the lines when I first made tho offer Of 78,000, that I ; supposed where the machinery was stored and tho electricians house lg was on their property, but when I wont over tho lines last sat- urday, I found that one-half of the blacksmith shop only-was'on it They, of course, are holding out for a big price and are: doing thoir best to delay the consumation of' the deal. I, in turn, am trying to push it to a close. For some unaccountable reason the agent wants to make another visit to the mill. 1 must, therefore, ask you to please see to it personally that there ls no talk in or about the office or mill about their line running through the old mill ma to the railroad, as I have shown them the tree betwe and the mill,as the corner, but we mst now close this at all hazzards and before they find out tho exact corner, The agent went over the lines ana took the distances in figures, but did not measure that course. If ho had it would have carried him through’the mili, I have got to be very careful to joi misrevragent , at the sane time wo mst close this as quietly as possibly. Please, therefore, tell me how high a figure I can give if pressed in the corner at the last minute ma then instantly olinoh it, I shall stick for the $1,000. ana have said plainly that you blame me for offering any such figure, but ‘thet I did it believing that the line run further ta the North. I also told the’ agent that I could not see why you want- ed this partioular property other than it was’ close to the mill, ++..that we could easily surrender the leases and fence it off, the road being a prblic one we could have the use of it. The agent i“ said that if the property were worth anything it was worth a good F deal more than $1,000. I took it, therefore, that he is going i to make a report on a high figure. If it were not for the line running, through the mill it would be wise for us to surrender all three leases and let it lay in open common. The agent said he would let me know when he goes to the mill again, I wish you

(fT. A. E. No. 3)

would, thorefore, please let me know if you get any intimation of his coming, without his advising me, We dare not bluff on this but mst handle it very carefully,

When these roads were changed I urged by telephone ena by letter that tney be changed by tho Township commissioners ard that I bo instructed to take in hand this mattor of changing the. highway and nave the Towmship authorities vacate the old road and. establish the now, and that unless it was done legally we would some day be confronted with complications. I fear that if the Coplay, Hare and Lineau peozl e chose they could make us a great. deal of trouble, and I think might use this as a lever for a better price, hence another reason, as stated above, that the whole matter be kept very quiet..


I wrote Wright to meet me, also telegraschod him to meet me, yesterday at Warwick. I changed the: lease in accordane with his wishes and gave him the increase. He redeived my tei- egram that I would be there and then deliberately drove off. 1 waited ali day for him but cowl a get no intelligence of his where- abouts, and finally agreed with others that ‘that was one of Wrieht's tricks." It has always been so with him. dust as soon as I get ready to close he seems to back away. He and Moller would make.a good toam. I shall write him again and ask him to fix a day when I can surely meet him,

As the lease now stands it is 15¢ ton_ponoentrates, $360, yearly rental after ist yr. Ne raised from $250. to $360.and I think is now trying to squirm out, first through his Partner and now through himsolf,

Egbert church,

, I have sent my check for the 10% of the purchase price for ths: above property and have as-ked the assignees to send me. the: deed before it is executed. I © this so I oan look over our rights under the deag to mine, erect buildings, construct rail- roads etc. as no matter what tho rights have been herctofore, the


(Tf. A. EB. No. 4)

privileges in the deed would be final. I, therefore, want the iease to stand until I see what priviloges they give us, because if they restrict us too mich, it may be advisable for me to trans~ fer the proverty to you or Mrs. Edison or such person as you may name and let tho rentals be paid to such person whose rights would be in common with those of the Canpany, thus combining the priyi- leges of the lease witn those in the deed. That, however, I will determine when I have seen the deed.

I have written ir. Perry to withhold rentals to tho: Crane Iron Company from and after December 27th last.

Stockholders meeting,

Have also writton ifr. Perry to know if the Stocknmilder's meoting was held on the 9th inst. and to send m copy of the names ef officors and directors életted, that I may make my report to the State Department wit him the time required by law.


After considerable trouble I have finally had Mr, v-e+es. Turnure's attorneys agree to meet me to-morrow afternoon in Jersoy City to go over the matter with thom.

Drake liease.and Option

Some of tho Drake heirs are in a elash with their no the:r and I think I will again have some trouble with her. She thinks she shotl.a have ali the rentals and tWo of her sons think they should have their share. I have the matter now in hand with her attorney. é

i was asked at Warwick if you wished a g00d Mica property if so they will send samples. ,

I cut tho onolosed slip out of an Easton paper this week, Would it not be well to-nave Johnny notify tho bank.

King option This option will expire May lst, next. Mr, King is-

eee |


. ce Sn +

(f. A. E. No. 5)

a very old man. Had I not bettor try to get this option again

extended for another year while he is yet alive. I do not know

that the hoirs wow a object, but still as a matter of precaution

I think I should start at it while I can yet deal with him. personally. Please let me know about this,

Respectfully yours,

Aiea Cote A,

ST te Rt TE EON INET SEE A tee Nt tm te

(one enc, }




Mr. Thomas A. Edison, Héison, NW. Jd.

Dear Sir:-

Clarkson S. King, Extension.

i have paid Mr. King $100. and have had the ortion ex- tended from iiay lst, 1895 to May lst, 1896, The extension is now

ready to be recorded.


Wright lease.

Io met Gillette by appointment, After reading the lease through, he said it was entirely too one-sided in our favor, that I had nothing in it that we would work the propertyin a specified time or surrender the lease. I explained to him that that was: ! the custom in coal mine but not iron ore leases. He abjected te me is 15¢ ton concentrates. I told him that Wright had assured me from re, time to time that whatever he (Wright) did in the matter would be entirely satisfactery to him (Gillette) He said Wright nad no ae right to say that, that he is in the iron business himself and that 2 he believod the price ef iren would scan go up and that he snould ; have a better price, I told him that you had fixed 12f a ton for concentrates, but that I naa taken the liberty of going up te 15f in this case, that I had written te you the terms of 15¢ con~ centrates, $360. yearly rental ‘atuylst yr. and that now I coulda not close on any other linos anda Plan, except as indicated in my

letter to you.

me again some day next week.

Hopler. Hon er ig about to buy a property adjoining Widow


heb ceannemers

Paterson, W. J., February 16th, 1905.

After censidorable more talk on tne subject, he saia he would take the lease home and look it over carefully and woul a meet

(T. A. BE. No. ®)

Drake's on Maint Olive and wanted us to take a lease on it. t told him that we wore not taking leases, but I would nave our en- gineer lock over the maps in the Laboratory and let him know shert- ly wheather or not wo would take an option on th: property in question i. e. the Valentine farm. This farm is not on any list we have over had ana it is not at all probable that we need it, still I did not tell him so outrignt.


I also called on Rarick. He says his. mother has leased _ the farm for farming Furposes from April Ist, next for one year with the privilege of five, No papers have been signed, bul thatis the bargain. That she will not give an option nor a lease, i but will seii outright. He seemed a little saucy about it, say- ! ing he had done all he could to bring about a sale to us ete. IT : replied that we in turn had done all we could, that I mot him at : Hackettstown with the cash in hand to take a deed for the minerel ; right, but because of dissensions in the family he was unable to carry out the bargain and has been unable to do so ever since at { the same figures, that,.theréfore, Mr. Edison had. done all he could, that now you were not willing to purchase outright on basis, but that you do stand ready at any time in the near future to take an option to purchase and hoped that ne and nis mother roule see their way clear to wake such arrangements, He replied, | "no, we will not give any option, you must buy ontright or not at all." i replied to that, that the money market was now mich | tighter and that you didn't care to make any purchase in this line } at present. Finally he said "all right, when you get ready to buy, come along and wo wili sou wnat we can do. " { { i | t

New Jersey cases.

If the court decides on Tuesday next to grant us now f trials in the 3 N. d. cases. do you think it wise to take advantage i of that decision, as the expense would only run wp again wi th e possibly the same result. Our_aim at present is to have the da-

cision delayed until the June term and in the meantime try to make pees aeteeee Sees

he ntact eats

a settlement with them by comprdémisc. If I can't make a canpro- mise thon pay the wnole amount, which waild perhaps not excoed (costs and all) $1,500. i. e.

MeComnoli jud_emart $7978.00 Search 567.50 : Stamiga2i " we 1G

$1145.56 . _

I have succeeded in staving these cases off since Nov. : 10th, 1892 and have staved them off for nearly a year sincee the judgment was rendered asainst us. I think we should now de- cide whethor to go into a new fight in these cases, or in some way fix wy the judgments, If now trials are granted we could probably deiay the trial of the cases another 6 months. If they are not granted we would then have to settle up with little delay. |

I would, therefore, like to have an expression of opin- jon from you on this subject. | {

Moller. I find that Holler nas not paid his taxes on the Silver : Svring property for 1893 ana 1894 ageregating $144.14. i have asked the collector to send me a list oF any other vack taxes on : this property, Whon I have received it L shall ask Moller to ; clean the matter up. ( A party has foreclosed against a porticn of his property and Moller has givem him .an order to enllect the rent for the houses from the farmer and others, but that does not affect the Silver Spring, but the taxes do and ft shall follow thom up closely and if he does not pay them snall try to make some arrangenents to have the taxes deducted from the yearly rentals due him. : to the Riggg t have your letter about the R. R. through the.Tharp tract

tract also ycur letter relative to the Paymonts wnder..one’ of. the. Eman's A leascs, i


I shall take up Scotts Mountain work again the first of next week.

Respectfully yours, i




M NG ; Paterson, N. d., Haroh 12th, 1895.

Mr. Thomas A. Bdaison,

Edison, \N. J.

Dear Sir:-

I have uot \yet received from Rosenkrans a statement of the costs in the 5 N.\J. cases as es hs by tho Supreme Court Clerk, Until IT do receive it,\I of course, mot say the exact amount to be paid. The costs will probably/not exceed $150. in all 3 =: cases, perhaps less, \i prombsed/I would settle the matter up ; before the middle of thi nonth, t that I would require some little time after receividg nis statement to bring the matter to, my Company's at tontion. When I/ agreed to settle with him, I got him to with-draw his notices\to dismiss the rule and enter judgment He camot, therefore, enter jydgment now until he gives me anothor*: notice, so we are perfectly sae as the mattor now stands until I receive a statement from him: As soon as I do, which may be any day, I shall immediatoly notify both you and Nr. Perry aid will give Mr. Perry a weeks noticas, if\ possible, ;

Mr. Steele has pretared the briefs for the argument. for both the Célleli and Rook cases on a oeal, The Collelli case will probably be!argued:.in/May , but the Rook case will not be reached for argument before June.

I have propared: a notice to be served on Wisner for the: surrender of his lease, : ccording to the \provisi ons of the lease we mst pay up to the expiration of the 5\nonths notice,

{ i | i | i i {

I am also preparing a list of sone properties that are isolated, and which yal may, after you have ‘looked over, wid agree with me as good ones to Bet clear of. This list I shall send you with amounts payable tnderzeach.

tense ah A mt

(fT. A. BE. W. 2)

Wright now wants to give an option to purchase "for one, or possibly 2 yrs." indopendont of lease, but as we have had so mich diliy-dallying, I have thought it best to not answer his let— ter until Wisner roceived his notice of surrender, after which I \~ aa shall see what offect it has on Wright and hope to be able to make easy terms with him.

Have had no furthor word from the crane Iron Company relative to deed for our mineral right. I havo not disturbed them, but am letting it sleep until they begin to make inquiries as to when wo reqiire the deed. I think this better than to ask for. delay. I am doing the sane with Rosenkrans.

I am also prevaring a list of the names of mines for Nr. Perry in accordance with a lettor from him. We have a good many properties that are undeveloped and without name. In such cases I can only give tho names of the owmers and the Range.

Because of the death of the person authorized to. receive and receipt for rentals mdoer tne heirs of Charles Salmon lease, I hava just prepared a power of attorney to be sent to them to be signed authorizing another one of thoyr heirs to receive the rent- _ als. I have also asked Mr. Perry to withhold checks under this lease, until this power of attorney has been properly signed and returned to me.

I have aiso requested Mr. Moller to pay up his taxes 2 mA ti yrs. past due on tho Silver Spring property. He has assured me $4 that he will do so.

I have a lotter from Keenan of Brooklyn wishing to know.- if ve want Pas) Purghase. his pnterest in the tract adjoining our | resevoir, “ai interest isso slight, if any, that just at present we do not care to purchase, but that I have placed his letter on Pile and that I would perhaps taxe the matter up with him later on.

T note what you say about the suit against the Lloyds, I shall look the matter up carefully and give you an opinion as to whether we can sue in New Jersey, also as to the probed Llity of recovering. This I wlll do as soon.as I have time to get dawn to offices work, as we have until the middle:6f:next summer before we

(fT. A. BR. No. 3)

are required to act.

i have writton Mr, Wilbur to fix a day this week when I can see him about the Coplay tract and have had him answer me to Easton, so I can run up thera.

I have had inqiiries from the Grand Hotel of New York to know whether one A. J. Saporta, who is registered there as from New York, is in any way connected with you. Some one else is paying his board, but he is using your name with others freely + «: there, and they would like me to give them an answer. Please let me know about this. :

I take the train to-night for Scotts Mountain work.

Respectfully yours,

(No ene.)

ce i

“\." gvRXANDER ELLIOTT, uR., ‘er mx \PATERSON, N. us






VAN ; oo ee Patersm, N. J., March 19th, 1895.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison, ‘, Laboratory, Orange, N. J. “eles

Dear Sir :-

I have written Mr. Perry for cheeks in the two-W. J. suits i. Gc,

MieConnell case, $906.85, made up as follows:

Verdict $778.00 Interest 43.18 Costs 85.67 Search case, $474.57, made up as follows: Verdict $367.50 Interest 20.40 Costs 86.47

AS soon as I receive.. these checks I shall innediately close those matters with Mrv-Rasonkrans, take the necessary re- celpts and have the rule to discontime these cases recite that satisfaction of tho plaintiff's claim has been made, thus making the payments appear of record in each case.

Twili invite Rosenkrans to dinner with me in payment of the og damage suit and take his receipt the same as for the two above montioned,.

Last night I received a telegram from the counsel for Collelli, the plaintiff in one of the New York cases now on appeal, which reads; "Must see yar te-marow concerning Collelli case with— out fail, Important, confidential. (Sig) Henry M. Heyman." :

I have telegraphed Mr. Heyman that I will meet him to- day in New York at one o'clock. I do not know what it means and ~ it consequently worries me vory much, as I have a letter from. . Mr. Steele under date of 12th. inst. sotting forth the exact psi- tion of both of these cases and stating that the Rook case will

(T. A. BR. No. 2)

not be argued before June, perhaps not until next Fall, that the Colle@lli case will be argued next May, that the briefs in both casos are in the hands of the printer and that he will keep mea fully advised of cach step Gte., etc,

In view of this recent letter, I am bothered about the telegram, I shall see Mr. Steele to-day also and will advise

you Sully of what transpires. Respectfully yours, P MNeaudel Cheek

(No em.)

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* Seca Wane eee cot omen sneer ess Howard Melck W.K. Thompson. * Howard Melick W.K. Thompson.





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Howard Melick W. K. Thompson : Howard Melick W.K. Thompson.


_ALL KINDS OF GRAIN, __ALL ‘ALL KINDS OF GRAIN. v , & Stewarteville. N. J., a sone 189 © Stewarisville, No Ty seccscunewnsnesnenne IB Yin oaks a as nS reac. ake aut CoelEon | ttevXf hetcf ae

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Howard Melick


Stewarisville, No Dy cece hen. 189

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