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low bitrate music from around the planet

the lowdown is an internet radio program that shares low bitrate music from artists around the planet

the program airs on Mad Wasp Radio Monday at 23:00 and Friday at 06:00 (London Time

airtimes are subject to change by station scheduling so please check our twitter and Mad Wasp Radio's schedule for up-to-date times

the lowdown is community operated 

you can submit your low bitrate tracks and mixes to be played on the program 

submit your mp3s or oggs to the program manager thelowdownprogram at gmail dot com

contact program manager if you would like to host an episode or series 

the lowdown is here to be your show 

Episode 72 is now archived!

This week's airtimes are Monday 22 Feb 23:00 and Friday 26 Jan 06:00 (GMT). Stay tuned for Episode 73 featuring music from LOE LOF LON - Bad Beats & mhzesent - Harshstrumentals Vol. 5!  

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